Cartonnerie Jean can offer fire resistant board made with 100 % recycled fibers.

(Test LNE n° G090889-CEMATEC/1 22 November 2006)

ref : KRI color kraft

ref : BRI white color

From 190 gsm up to 250 gsm sheets or rolls.

Test (3min)


With treatment in the mass or on surface (sise - press) according your demand and end uses (Cobb index).

We can offer this property for all our products.


Cartonnerie Jean has developed a range ISO 9706

ISO 9706 specifies requirements for permanence of cardboard.

The word "permanent" defines a cardboard whose physicochemical properties increase longevity without compromising recycling.

This standard requires:

  • A minimum content neutralizing substances acid action, measured by determination of calcium carbonate (buffered)
  • Ceiling of easily oxidized materials, determined by the value of Kappa
  • Maximum and minimum values of the pH paper, after extraction with cold water

Cette norme exige:
Un contenu minimal en substances neutralisant l’action des acides, mesurée par dosage du carbonate de calcium (réserve alcaline)
Un plafond de matières facilement oxydables, fixé par la valeur de l’indice Kappa
Des valeurs minimales et maximales du pH du papier, après extraction à l’eau froide

  • Use for archiving (record keeping)
  • Matt very easy to transform
  • Color: gray
  • Different characteristics
Ref gr/m² Formats Formats Uses
Cardboard 280 up to 600 0.78

700 x 1000mm
700 x 1150mm

folders and wallets
for document retention

Celloderme 1050 up to 2000 1.0

1200 x 1050mm
1230 x 2200mm

archive boxes, plans